Make Any Parking Lot Look Brand-New Again

Rely on your one-stop shop for water blasting, striping and coating

Nobody wants to spend time in a rugged, run-down lot. Reach out to Jimmy Smith Striping & Sealcoating to talk about rejuvenating your parking lot or asphalt seal coating.

Our water blasting makes short work of any faded lines or dirt on your lot. We'll wash off mold, mildew and paint from structures and surfaces.

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Make sure lines between spots are well-defined

You can prevent a lot of parking disputes in your lot by taking the time early on to make sure the lines are obvious to everyone. Our striping services cover that. You'll be able to establish:

Individual spots

Handicapped parking spots


Restricted parking spots

Fire lanes

We've been painting and striping parking lots for over 25 years. No matter what kind of surface your lot is on, we can make sure your lines are even and your parking spaces are clearly defined.

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Why is it important to take care of your asphalt surfaces?

If you don't put the proper time and maintenance into your paved areas, they can fall into disrepair. No customer or visitor wants to park somewhere that looks like it's falling apart. At Jimmy Smith Striping & Sealcoating, we provide asphalt maintenance for any cracks or potholes in your lot, keeping a smooth finish for years to come.

Whether your asphalt lot is a commercial or residential area, you need to make sure that it looks good and serves its purpose. Problems with your parking lot aren't just about how nice it looks. If lines on the roadway or crosswalks aren't obvious to drivers and pedestrians, people could get hurt. Prevent any disasters by trusting us.