Keep Your Blacktop Shiny and Smooth

Seal any asphalt surface to protect it from weather and wear

Whether you're in charge of a neighborhood basketball court or your business's parking lot, you want the surface to remain in good condition. Jimmy Smith Striping & Sealcoating can help. We provide asphalt surface coating and sealing to preserve the appearance and solidity of your asphalt. We'll update your existing parking lot, helping patch cracks and potholes to keep it beautiful and maintained for years to come.

Proper coating and sealant keep parking lot lines from fading. It also helps to maintain a strong, sturdy surface. This area is most likely going to receive a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. You need to be sure that it can withstand that amount of pressure and use.

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residential asphalt seal coating in Lawton, OK

What kind of places can benefit from asphalt seal coating?

This process isn't just for commercial parking lots. You can also get seal coating on your:

  • Driveway
  • Public roadway
  • Gated community roads
  • Park or playground
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