Watch Your Parking Lot Sparkle

Wash away debris and old paint with water blasting

Has your asphalt structure or parking lot been covered in graffiti? Clean it off with Jimmy Smith Striping & Sealcoating. Our water blasting gets rid of chalk, paint and spray paint, leaving your lot spotless. We use a dustless water blasting method, meaning our excess is biodegradable and does not leave residue.

Do you want your parking lot to be spotless in a different way? We can get rid of old striping and lines from parking spots to leave you with a blank slate.

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commercial asphalt water blasting in Lawton, OK

Scour any surface without damaging the environment around you

A lot of cleaning methods require harsh chemicals, especially when it comes to cleaning asphalt. You won't have to worry about that. All of our materials are 100% green and biodegradable. Runoff goes into the ground without posing a chemical threat to plants or animals.

You won't have to clean away soap scum or residue once we're done. After all, cleaning is our job. All you have to do is sit back and watch grime and old paint vanish before your eyes.

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